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Macdermol® Hydro

For a deep, long lasting

skin hydration.

Hyaluronic acid (HA), a major component of the skin, is fundamental to retain water and maintain healthy skin tone, elasticity, and a smooth, youthful appearance.

With age and many other factors (such as daily stress, sun exposure, pollution, smoke, alcohol, lack of sleep, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal change, frost, wind, etc.), the natural levels of HA decrease, especially on the face, neck, décolleté and hands. The skin loses elasticity and firmness, becomes thinner and dry, and fine lines appear on its surface.

Topical creams can temporarily moisturise the superficial layers of the skin but cannot deliver and maintain deep hydration. MACDERMOL® HYDRO is an injectable gel that will make it possible to provide an immediate, durable and profound skin hydration, creating a long-lasting fresh, natural look.

MACDERMOL® HYDRO is particularly recommended for patients:


- Who want to prevent skin ageing

- Exposed to environmental stress (sun, pollution, smoke, air-conditioning etc.)

- With dry skin

- Prone to hormonal imbalance


MACDERMOL® HYDRO attracts and retains water in the skin and increases the synthesis of new HA and collagen. This dual effect makes it possible to create an immediate and durable deep skin hydration. 

MACDERMOL® HYDRO is manufactured with a HA with the highest level of purity available in the industry today. Protected from structural damages thanks to an optimized sterilization process, the HA has an optimal average size in terms of beneficial effects on the extracellular matrix. 

Clinical data indicate that MACDERMOL® HYDRO has a lower rate of adverse events in comparison with other competitors.



••• COMPOSITION:                                        Non-animal Hyaluronic acid    

••• HA CONCENTRATION:                    15 mg/ml                                       20 mg/ml


••• CROSS-LINKING:                                                  X-Click Technology 

••• INDICATION:                                                     Restore skin hydration.

••• INJECTION ZONES:                          Fullface, neck, décolleté, back of hands

••• INJECTION DEPTH:              Superficial to mid dermis             Mid to keep dermis

••• NEEDLE DIAMETER:                                                          30 G

••• PROTOCOLE:                                        2 to 3 sessions at interval of 2-3 weeks,

                                                                      maintenance session every 4-5 months.

••• PACKAGING:                                                      1 or 3 ml pre-filled syringe    

••• SECONDARY PACKAGING:             Sterilised medical grade blister in carton box    

••• STORAGE:                                                        Between +2°C and +25°C    

••• SHELF LIFE:                                                                        3 years   


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