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Restores the 
hydration of the vulvo-vaginal area and remodels the labia majora after loss of volume.

With age, the vaginal mucosa becomes less hydrated and thinner. As a result, discomfort, irritation, itching, vaginal infections or pain during sexual intercourse can occur. 


MACDERMOL® INTIMATE is an injectable gel indicated to rejuvenate the vulvo-vaginal area. It restores the hydration of the vaginal mucosa and remodels the labia majora after loss of volume.

MACDERMOL® INTIMATE will  stimulate the cells of the vaginal mucosa and will increase the synthesis of new HA, elastin and collagen in the tissues. 

MACDERMOL® INTIMATE is manufactured with a HA with the highest level of purity available in the industry today.

MACDERMOL® INTIMATE is cross-linked through a proprietary technology forming physical and chemical bonds. It provides a high resistance to enzymatic, oxidative, thermal and mechanical degradations while keeping the natural properties of the HA.


Protected from structural damages thanks to an optimized sterilization process, the HA in MACDERMOL® INTIMATE has an optimal average size in terms of beneficial effects on the extracellular matrix. 

Clinical data indicate that MACDERMOL® INTIMATE has a lower rate of adverse events in comparison with other competitors.

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••• COMPOSITION:                                        Non-animal Hyaluronic acid   

••• HA CONCENTRATION:                20 mg/ml                                                   25 mg/ml


••• CROSS-LINKING:                                                   X-Click Technology

••• INDICATION:  Restores hydration, elasticity,                            Remodels the labia majora 

                                 tonicity & sensivity to the vulvo-                       after loss of volume.

                                 vaginal area.               

••• INJECTION ZONES:                     Vulvar area                                                  Labia majora

••• INJECTION DEPTH:          Superficial to mid dermis                          Mid to deep dermis

••• NEEDLE DIAMETER:                                                          27 G

••• DURATION OF EFFECT:                up to 6 months ¹                               6 to 9 months  ¹

••• PACKAGING:                                                               1 pre-filled syringe    

••• SECONDARY PACKAGING:             Sterilised medical grade blister in carton box    

••• STORAGE:                                                          Between +2°C and +25°C    

••• SHELF LIFE:                                                                        3 years   

¹ Average duration depending on several factors such as patient's skin quality, patient's lifestyle, injection

technique of the practitioner, and volume injected.

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