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An effective technology

Multi-action treatment
MACDERMOL hydrates, provides healing, antiinflammatory, antioxidant effects, stimulates collagen, HA and proteoglycan synthesis, and plays a significant role in the defensive function of the skin.

Resistance to degradation
Thanks to a proprietary cross-linking technology, MACDERMOL provides a high power of water retention and a better resistance to enzymatic, oxidative and thermal degradations.

Very high HA concentration
Thanks to a proprietary process, MACDERMOL provides the highest HA concentration on the market.

Optimal molecular weight
Protected from structural damages thanks to a proprietary sterilization process, the HA in MACDERMOL has an optimal average size in terms of beneficial effects on the extracellular matrix.

Perfect elasticity
Close to the natural elasticity of the dermis, MACDERMOL is easily injected, homogeneously distributed and well attached to the surrounding tissues, and totally undetectable to sight and touch.

Complete range of products
The different specifications make it possible to target various patient needs.

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